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No Chemicals, No Preservatives, No Enrichments

Since we do NOT destroy cells in the grain while crushing, we have no need to add anything to our Crushed Grains.

Natural Nutrition

There is 100% natural nutrition in Crushed Grains and NO manmade or synthetic nutrition.  Your body knows how to use 100% of natural nutrition!   

Healthy Eating and Preventative Healthcare

At Our Fathers Foods our main goal is to help people get and stay healthy.  We not only feed people, we NOURISH people.

Our Fathers Food Services


Crushed Wheat

People that can no longer eat processed white flour love our Crushed Wheat because it allows them to eat wheat again, especially people with gluten intolerance and Type 2 diabetes.  Our Crushed Wheat #1 is a 1:1 replacement of processed white flour.  So you can use all the recipes you already love and replace the processed white flour with Crushed Wheat #1 to get more health in your food!  We also have Crushed Wheat #2 that can be used to replace processed white flour and also makes a good breading.  Crushed Wheat #3 and #4 make for delicious and nutritious hot cereals in the morning.

Crushed Flax

Our Crushed Flax allows you to eat a Super Food that has 100% Natural Nutrition and NO manmade enrichments.  Crushed Flax is high in essential minerals, vitamins, and Omega-3's your body needs to stay healthy.  Flax is super important for heart health, the circulatory system, and keeping blood pressure down.  This is especially true when it has been crushed, diminishing the need for unnecessary chemicals.

Real Life Testimonies

We have had people with gluten intolerance and type 2 diabetes eat our Crushed Wheat with NO problems and come back for more! We have also had people gain better overall health from our Crushed Grains!

Custom Crushing

If you have a grain that you would like crushed but we don't not currently sell it, then email Our Fathers Foods and we can look to crush it for you!


People are always asking for recipes with crushed grains so we will put them on this site for all to see!!  We will not have many recipes at first but we will update this section as we continue our journey of baking and trying new foods!

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