Celiac Disease

In 2012 I was having all kinds of digestive issues and went to see Dr. Ackerman.  He did the bloodwork to show I have both genes (HLA-DQ2 and HLA-DQ8) required for celiac disease.  He told me to go gluten free and within a short time my digestive issues improved dramatically.  I know I am very sensitive to gluten because once while babysitting my grandkids I was rolling Play Dough in my hands and got sick from that.  As of January 27, 2018, I have been eating Crushed Wheat #1 for about a year and a half now and I continue to feel great! I love being able to eat foods with wheat in it again, especially breads, pancakes, and my favorite, pie crusts!  I hope others with Celiac disease find this product because it made my life easier being able to eat breads again! -- Tony Prenger

Gluten Intolerance

After discovering my son and I were both sensitive to gluten I tried a multitude of different flours such as almond flour, corn flour, and coconut flour.  None of them were able to be used in our old recipes, and it still made products that were subpar.  Fortunately, we discovered Bihn's Crushed Wheat and we couldn't be happier! Everything is used as a 1 to 1 ratio in all of our old tried and true recipes.  Now we make everything in the house from it including bread, noodles, taco shells, hamburger buns, pancakes & so much more.  I feel like my whole family is eating healthier because of it and no one feels like they are missing out on great food.  We are so thankful for this wonderful products! -- Chelsea Albers

Digestion Issues

I want to thank you for introducing your products to this area! I gave up eating store bought breads because of digestion issues.  I heard about your products, read your handouts, and I am so impressed with the nutritional value in each product! You have created grains that are healthy to enjoy and also to nourish our bodies with much needed nutrients.  I think this is genius! My family can enjoy baked goods again without guilt and that our bodies can digest.  I also like your crushed flax and crushed oats.  Thank you Bihn family!!! -- Michelle Heckman 


I'm a diabetic and my problem is I love bread.  With this I am able to satisfy my taste buds without all the carbs, flour, and sugar.  I definitely want the cookie recipe for your samples you gave out at Wayne Street Market.  They were an excellent way for me to enjoy a sweet craving!  I have been telling people how happy I am with this and many have asked where can they buy a loaf. -- Mindy Staugler Hunt

Got Rid of White flour in Diet, Replaced with Crushed Wheat

I have replaced all my flour and oats with all of your products. And I just love it! I've been on this journey of not eating flour and sugar for so long and I just starting eating the bread and pizza crust that your daughter in law makes and I feel better and even lost a few lbs. I've also made apple crisp and gravys and other things with your product and they are great! Nobody feels bloated or guilty! It's wonderful! Thank you! -- Jennifer Bechtol

Bad Cough

My daughter always had this deep, dry, and barky cough.  After some blood testing for allergies, we were told to try a 'gluten free' diet due to all the 'reactions' she showed with grains (except for rice).  We did that but the food is expensive and the texture and flavor isn't that great.  We heard about the Crushed Wheat so we gave that a try.  We use it instead of flour in everything and she is doing great!! -- Dawn Schlarman

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Egg Allergy


When my baby was about three months old, he developed a terrible rash.
It first started on his check but had eventually spread all over his
back and chest.  Nothing seemed to help and nothing I removed from my
diet (since I was breastfeeding) seemed to change it.  After months of
eliminating different foods (dairy, gluten, sugar, caffeine), I
eliminated eggs.  After only about a month or two his rash completely
cleared up.  It seemed as though he was allergic to eggs.  I had eaten
one deviled egg at a family gathering and by the next morning his face
was broke out again.  My brother in law introduced us to "Our Fathers
Food" and how it was different due to the process the grain went
through.  We decided to try re-introducing eggs into my diet; first in
baked goods and then by themselves.  He had no reaction!  I was able
to eat eggs as I wanted and didn't have to worry about how it would
affect him.  It was so much easier than trying to eat an egg free
diet.  I thank God that these foods (eggs, flour, and grains) were
brought into our lives.  Seeing my son flourish instead of being in
pain and discomfort is worth more than most people will understand.

Randee Steinke

Multiple Health Issues in the Same Family

Loved the sausage. Had no complications that usually arise when eating sausage. Jared  loved it and said it had better flavor than the sausage we usually get.  I put the hemp in the cookies...kids love the cookies as does Jared. I have noticed that since using your products I do not have to give them their allergy medicine near as much as I used to and my one son with eczema doesn't itch! We're hooked. Love all your products.

My dad also said mom's cough is down 80% since she started eating crushed oats for breakfast.

Jacqi Thobe



Eating Wheat Again

I have not eaten wheat in five years.  I tasted the bread and it is wonderful!   I had a piece of toast for breakfast and No Pain!!! Thanks so much!!!I should have bought so many other things like #2, #4 and coffee!!!


Paula Jauert


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