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We feed and nourish people with Crushed Grains that have NO added chemicals!

Natural Nutrition - chemicals = better health!


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Teamwork Manufacturing

Choose Teamwork Manufacturing to learn about our patented Bihn Crusher and patented Incremental Crushing process.  Also learn about how we got started on this idea of crushing and not needing chemicals, preservatives, and enrichments.  


Our Fathers Foods

Choose Our Fathers Foods to learn about the grains being sold and why they are different than milled and rolled grains.  We have Crushed Wheat and Crushed Flax!  We are working on Crushed Oats and Crushed Quinoa!

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Our Fathers Foods Distributors

Below is a list of places that sell our Crushed Grains, including: Crushed Wheat #1, #2, #3, and #4, Crushed Flax, Crushed Quinoa, Crushed Oats, and Crushed Coffee.  Each place has different products so you would have to find out which products your nearest location provides.  

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Below is a link to take you to the Our Fathers Foods Facebook page! Check it out to see recent articles we've found about health and all kinds of other things!  Be sure to like our page while you are there!


Here is a calendar showing upcoming dates when Our Fathers Foods will be giving presentations!  We will talk about our business, our products, how we make our products, and how we can help people get healthy again or stay healthy.  We will also tell stories and give testimonies of people that couldn't eat wheat but now can with grain crushed by Our Fathers Foods!

No upcoming events.

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Our Fathers Foods and Teamwork Manufacturing

We share the same email at teamworkmanufacturing@gmail.com so send us an email with any questions or testimonies you may have!