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Doc. on Germ Cells - Letter From a Microscopist Saying the Germ Cells Remain Unbroken (pdf)


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Websites to Check Out

Cancer Fighting Power of Flaxseed

This website describes the cancer fighting power of flaxseed and other benefits of flax.  The website is on point when it says its best to eat crushed flax because our bodies can better absorb the nutrients.  Although with our process the flaxseed is fresh every all the time!  Our flaxseed doesn't need to be refrigerated, even with the high oil content! 

5 Bread Ingredients You Should Avoid

Go to this website to learn 5 bread ingredients to avoid.  It also teaches you a little about each ingredient.  Using our crushed wheat, we can make bread without these ingredients! 

How and Why is Flour Bleached?

This website explains why mass producers use bleaching agents and other chemicals rather than making unbleached flour.  It also says unbleached flour is still not free of chemicals! The use of potassium bromate is also explained in this article.  This is a very good article in explaining the current process used in white flour, bleached and unbleached.  

Potassium Bromate

Potassium bromate is very bad for our health, yet it's still allowed in flour put on store shelves.  This website explains how potassium bromate is used in the US, but illegal in most other countries.  

Gluten Sensitivity - Does it Really Exist?

This article is about a scientist who said gluten was the issue but then reversed his findings to say it is not gluten causing the issue!

Why Refined Carbs Are Bad for You

Find out why refined carbs are bad for you.  The article explains how refined carbs have been stripped of almost all fiber, vitamins, and minerals, and can be considered "empty" calories.  Since they are empty calories, refined carbs can cause overeating, thus leading to obesity.  It also shows how refined carbs can contribute to heart disease and type 2 diabetes.  Our crushed wheat has complex carbs, a great answer for Type 2 Diabetes, which you can learn more about on our Crushed Wheat page!!

Websites to Check Out

Little-Known Secrets About Bleached Flour - Dr. Mercola

This is an extremely good read for those wanting to understand how white flour is processed!! It tells you how a nutritious product (wheat berries) can be made so unhealthy, practically sugar (white flour).  Dr. Mercola tells you what is lost in the refining process and all the nutrition lost during the milling process as well!  He also tells you all about bleaching and the chemical created in the process, Alloxan.  A very good read!

White Flour: Not That Healthy

Here is another article explaining how white flour is made, starting with the fungicide sprayed on the seeds and ending with the chlorine bath gas.  It also lets you know how they enrich the flour to make it "healthy."

Dangers of Gluten-Free Foods

Discover the dangers of gluten-free foods in this article.  It explains all the toxins in gluten-free foods and how gluten-free foods could actually damage your health.  Remember we do not add any chemicals, preservatives, or enrichments to our product, keeping our crushed wheat as healthy for you as we can! 

Wheat Germ Benefits

Learn about the health benefits of the wheat germ.  The wheat germ is REMOVED during the refining process because it can shorten the shelf life of white flour.  This article explains the many health benefits of wheat germ and why it is so nutrient dense!  Since we do not destroy the cells in wheat, we have no need to take the germ out because it does not oxidize and go rancid. It  waits to be processed by your body and gives you all its nourishing vitamins, minerals, and nutrients!!

What's In Fast Food Buns?

BEWARE: This website might scare you!  You can learn about all the chemicals and preservatives put into buns at fast food restaurants to make the buns last longer!  This website will help you understand how a McDonalds burger and fries can sit out for 5 years and not go bad, even the flies stayed away from the meal!!!

Azodicarbonamide - The Ingredient Banned Across the World (Except America)

This site tells you what azodicarbonamide is, which companies are using it, and how these companies are able to use something that is banned across the world.  Azodicarbonamide allows faster processing of bread with cheap ingredients, putting more money into Big Food's pockets.  

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