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About Our Wheat!

We are currently getting our wheat from O'Toole Seeds in North Dakota, just south of the Canadian border!  It is a TCG-Glennville Hard Red Spring Wheat.  It is a lot easier for us to crush hard wheat than soft wheat due to running it through multiple machines.  The wheat is not certified organic but is raised organically to keep costs down for their customers.  They have their customer base that knows they raise the wheat organically and do not need the organic label.  


Crushed Wheat #1 and #2 -- Baking

Crushed Wheat #1 allows people with gluten intolerance, type 2 diabetes, and other health ailments to eat wheat again!  Crushed Wheat #1 is a 1:1 replacement of white flour.  Crushed Wheat can be used with Crushed Wheat #1 for baking purposes. It makes a great breading for foods like chicken, fish, zucchini, etc!


Crushed Wheat #3 and #4 -- Hot Cereal

Crushed Wheat #3 makes a great cream of wheat.  Crushed Wheat #4 works just like rolled wheat.  They both make great hot cereals in the morning, just add some honey and fruit for extra taste!  Both are very high in dietary fiber!

Crushed Wheat vs. Whole Wheat Flour

Crushed Wheat #1 Nutrition Label

Whole Wheat Flour

We have decided to compare our Crushed Wheat #1 to what we think is the closest comparison, whole wheat flour.  In Crushed Wheat #1 we do not destroy any germ cells, which is the main reason it does not go rancid.  After milling whole wheat flour, companies have to remove all the germ cells and nutrients that make their flour go rancid.  They also add chemicals and preservatives to keep whole wheat flour from going rancid, which we do NOT do.  Another thing we do not do is apply heat to our Crushed Wheat, which kills nutrition in flour of all kinds according to traditional methods.  Following is a partial list of what they remove from whole wheat flour and some chemicals created and added throughout the process.

  • Germ cells removed
  • Half of the unsaturated fatty acids
  • Virtually all Vitamin E
  • Half the calcium
  • 70% of the phosphorus
  • Many more minerals and vitamins removed
  • Chemicals created
    • Alloxan – proven to cause cancer in rats
  • Chemicals Added
    • Benzoyl peroxide, Potassium Bromate, Aziobicarbonamide, Datem, Calcium Propoinate, along with many others. 
      • These are FDA approved
      • Most of these are linked to cancer, Diabetes, ADHD and other health risks

Crushed Wheat

Here is a list of the benefits of Crushed Wheat

  • No Chemicals, enrichments or preservatives
    • Enrichments are put into white flour to replace killed nutrition
    • Chemical bleaching agents used to make white flour look completely white
  • No heat
    • Heat is needed to kill bacteria, and nutrition along the way, to preserve white flour
  • More protein
    • 20 grams per cup of Crushed Wheat #1 vs 13 grams per cup in white flour
  • More dietary fiber
    • Contributes to feeling more full after eating
  • Live nutrition
    • Since no cells are destroyed, enzymes inside the cells are still live
  • Natural nutrition
    • Man made Vitamin B and Iron put back into white flour
  • Complex Carbohydrate
    • Better than simple carbohydrate
  • Extended shelf life 
    • Had Crushed Wheat #1 on shelf for 3 years in uninsulated shop that we baked bread with and tasted amazing
    • Must keep moisture and bugs out of grain for the extended shelf life
  • Able to build your Crushed Wheat with the nutrition you want - mix and match #1,#2,#3,#4

Fiber in Crushed Wheat

Fiber is something we have been missing out on in our diets.  Fiber is a carbohydrate that cannot be digested by the body.  Therefore it passes right through the colon, but it cleans the outsides of the colon as it goes through.  We have heard from people that fiber is the toothbrush for the colon.  After the fiber cleans out the colon, new food can then stick to the colon walls. This allows the maximum amount of nutrition to be absorbed from the food.  We have read from Dr. Mercola that we should not be watching how many total carbohydrates we eat, but net carbohydrates.

Net Carbohydrates = Total Carbohydrates - Dietary Fiber

By going on carb free diets we have been losing the dietary fiber in our diets, which means we haven't been getting all the necessary nutrients from our foods!

The numbers below show how much dietary fiber is in flour and each of our wheat products.

Flour - .85 g per 1/4 cup

Crushed Wheat #1 – 1.0 g per 1/4 cup

Crushed Wheat #2 – 6.3 g per 1/4 cup

Crushed Wheat #3 – 21.9 g per 1/4 cup

Crushed Wheat #4 – 20.8 g per 1/4 cup

So you can see that Crushed Wheat #1 has 15% more fiber than flour, its replacement. 

RDA (recommended daily allowance) – 0ver 40 years old – Women -25 g fiber         Men – 38 g fiber

Women over 40 can just about get the fiber they need for the day off of 1/4 cup of Crushed Wheat #3 or Crushed Wheat #4.

Whole Grains are the 2nd best source of Dietary Fiber – Crushed Grains are even better

Countries that have banned white flour

Here is a list of countries that have banned white flour because of its toxicity: European Union, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Nigeria, South Korea, Peru, Australia, United Kingdom, China, India, Sri Lanka.

In Singapore the penalty for using potassium bromate is a $500,000 fine and 15 years in prison.

The Gluten Issue

So far we have had around 150 people with gluten intolerance eat our Crushed Wheat and have not had anyone come back to us with any reactions to it!  In fact, they come back to us for more because our Crushed Wheat tastes better than any gluten free food they have ever had!  We do NOT claim to have a gluten free product but have seen gluten free people eat our wheat products.

We read a book called How To Bake by Paula Figoni, and in the book it explains gluten.  Paula Figoni is a food scientist and associate professor at the International Baking and Pastry Institute in the College of Culinary Arts at Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island.  She says, 

"Flour itself does not contain gluten.  Instead, flour contains two proteins (glutenin and gliadin) that form gluten when oxygen is added.  Besides oxygen, gluten requires mixing to form a strong, continuous network."

We do NOT say our Crushed Wheat is gluten free, but we do say that we have had around 150 people with gluten intolerance eat our Crushed Wheat with nobody coming back with a problem.

Complex Carbohydrate - The Secret to Type 2 Diabetes

We are also having people with Type 2 Diabetes eating our Crushed Wheat and having no problems with their glucose levels!  The secret is our Crushed Wheat contains complex carbohydrates instead of simple carbohydrates.  

Simple Carbohydrates are easily, and immediately, broken down by the body into sugars.  The sugar then goes straight into the blood stream, which can significantly raise the blood glucose levels.

Complex Carbohydrates are broken down into simple sugars and used slowly over a period of time.  This means the blood glucose levels do not spike.  The simple sugars do not rush to your bloodstream but over a period of time they are slowly released into the bloodstream.  

Crushed Wheat Vs. White Flour Video

Check out this great video that compares crushed wheat against white flour.  

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